Dana W. Mullins LMT
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Re-scheduling / Late Policy

Things come up... Life gets in the way of taking care of you. I do understand.  So my policy is to allow every client one "ooops!, a "no call no show" or a cancellation with less than 24 hours’ notice. The first time this happens there will not be a charge.

 If there is a second occurrence of "no call and no show" or a call to cancel within 6 hours of the appointment you will be billed the full amount of the session. A call before 6 hours of the appointment to cancel will result in a bill for 50% of the fee. Payments must be made before any future appointments will be accepted. 

 In the rare event of a third occurrence a credit card payment must be made when the appointment is scheduled.

 We all run late every once in a while.... Depending on my schedule I may be able to accommodate you.... within ten to 15 minutes. But sometimes my schedule won't allow it. I take great pride in the fact that I perform a full 60 minute session... Bear in mind that arriving late could result in a shortened session time while still paying the full 60 minute price.