Dana W. Mullins LMT
Massage for all ages and stages of life.


Some people say "you are only as old as you feel"... Are you starting to feel older than you are? 

  • Does working in the garden have consequences the next day? 
  • Do you have so much on your mind, you just can't "settle down" at night? 
  • Does it take your body longer than it used to, to recover from illness?
  • Do your joints sometimes feel like "rusty hinges"? 
  • Do you suffer from stress/tension headaches?
  • Would you like to find a natural way to manage your chronic pain? 
  • Is pain in any area keeping you from sleeping in your preferred position?
  • Would you love just one hour... one hour of peace and calm?

Whether it's an aching back, painful joints, lack of quality sleep, a high level of stress or just not being able to do the things you enjoy doing....For any age group therapeutic massage can be a wonderful way to get you back to feeling like your younger self again!

Take some time for yourself, invest in your own health and schedule a massage today!