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As much as I loved being so close to home in Webster Groves this is a great move for me and I am really happy to be in Kirkwood. 
It's just a quick trip down 44 and still relatively close! 

The only draw back to my new space is getting there! It's a GREAT central location. But one measly little concrete divider creates a tricky situation. If you are coming South on Kirkwood? No worries. Just make a right on Prospect... It's right before you hit Big Bend on the right. I'm the first building on the right, park BEHIND the building as it faces Kirkwood and come in the middle set of doors. Suite 201 will be on your left. 

If you are like me and coming from WG? Going West on Big Bend turn right on Kirkwood... You will PASS Prospect on your left... ( pesky concrete median!) Go less than a block and hang a u-turn in the Nursery parking lot. Go up to Prospect and turn right. Again building on the right... come to the back side and come through the middle set of doors.

There IS a cut through that doesn't involve a U-turn. See the Map. It will be easier if I show you how to use it after your first appointment. But for the adventurous....If you are going West on Big Bend PASS Kirkwood. COUNT telephone poles.. seriously. 
After you pass The fourth pole... and "waxing by Janet" turn into the driveway between the houses. drive North to the end of the parking lot... this will take you to Prospect Avenue! Take a little right turn go maybe 300 ft? And my building is on your left. Opposite the Title company .

I know this sounds really complicated... but it's easier than it sounds.... I promise. I can't wait for everyone to see this place!

For prompt response PLEASE CALL OR TEXT 314-401-8024 FOR AN APPOINTMENT - I'm afraid I don't check emails very frequently and it could take several days before I see your message. Thank you! 




Contact Information - Map

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